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Our 1-year warranty covers all manufacturer defects of all aspects of the mannequin. Here is how it works:

If anything goes wrong during normal usage of the mannequin within 30 days of purchase, we will ship you a replacement part and include a return label for you to ship us back the malfunctioning part. All shipping costs will be covered by us.

After 30 days but within a year of purchase, the customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs for the part that is malfunctioning.

The customer is responsible for ensuring safe and proper usage of the Sign Doll at all times. That includes, but is not limited to: ensuring the Sign Doll never falls, ensuring the Sign Doll is always used in safe weather conditions, the Sign Doll never incurs any strong force on any of its parts, and ensuring the terms and conditions are always met.

The only parts not covered by the warranty are the battery charger and power adapter, as they are susceptible to power surges, misusage, and similar electrical occurrences which can damage them. 

Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Mannequin Form, Motor, Battery, and Base have a 1-year warranty to be free from manufacturer defects from the date of the order, so long as the mannequin is used under normal and safe conditions and with the original equipment it was sent with.

  • Tampering or opening the back of the mannequin will result in a voiding of the warranty.

  • Transferring of the mannequin to a third party by sale or lease will result in a voiding of the warranty unless express written consent is granted by SignDolls.

  • You can replace the sign ONLY with a coroplast (corrugated plastic) sign with the following dimensions: 24″ tall by 36″ wide.

  • You are responsible for placing the mannequin in a safe and legal place and under safe conditions. SignDolls and its representatives assume no liability for any citation, damage, harm or injury that may result from the usage of the mannequin.

  • Always place the mannequin on a flat, level surface.

  • Always make sure that the projection from the motor (attached to the belly of the mannequin) is free and clear of any loose articles, including, but not limited to, clothing.

By using the mannequin, you are in effect agreeing to the terms above.

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Our clients are our number one priority. We love seeing all the creative ways
our SignDolls are used for. Durable, weatherproof, wind tested, and ready to

server is all temperatures there are just a few things to keep in mind when using your SignDoll. See the Warranty below for full details.

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